2nd Shooter

With my wedding bookings increasing and my commercial client base growing all the time, I felt is was high time I arranged for another photographer to be my 2nd Shooter when the opportunity arises.  I now have two 2nd Shooters available for wedding and event work and they enhance and complement the service I offer. Here’s a little about each of them along with a few of their images to give you an idea of what you can expect.


Andy is an experienced videographer and photographer and is genuine, warm and friendly. He has operated as my 2nd shooter at a number of my recent weddings and his work is exceptional. Andy also has an additional skill, as a pilot of an unmaned aerial vehicle, which he uses to photograph weddings, events and buildings. Please contact me for more information if this is of interest to you.



Will regularly photographs bands throughout the South and takes some spectacular shots. If he’s not working at a gig you’ll find him covering the photography for someone’s party or event. Will works with me on occasions, has a very good eye for the unusual and is friendly and fun.




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