a vibrant and uber cool pangdean barn wedding

The first day of Autumn and a gloriously sunny day for Jenny’s and Matt’s cool and colourful Pangdean Barn wedding. I started the day at Pangdean for the arrival of the guests and the groomsmen, and was really excited about my first outside ceremony here at the barn. This wedding continues a long line of weddings for a group of people whom I’ve become very fond of. This was a very special day once again and I hope I’ve captured the wonderful happy vibe of the day, the beauty of the bride and all her wonderful details and bridesmaids, plus the uber cool Matt and his groomsmen, and not forgetting the fab guests with the children who attempted to steal the show! This was quite simply an awesome wedding day and I feel blessed to have been the chosen to document it. Enjoy this lovely selection, but before then a quick mention to the fabulous Rolf the pianist, who went down incredibly well! See if you can spot him and you can contact Rolf here.



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