UT Paul Fletcher


I'm Paul, a fun loving, super chilled wedding photographer who's bursting with energy and creativity. I absolutely love shooting weddings and my calm and professional manner is the perfect complement to a fun and enjoyable wedding day.


I always work in a way that minimises impact on the wedding and with a little sensitive planning ahead of the wedding day, you too can have a beautiful and natural record, whilst spending the majority of time with your nearest and dearest.


My style of wedding photography doesn't require you to spend long periods away from your guests and it WON'T feel as though your day is all about photography. Instead I treat every natural moment as an opportunity for a lovely image and then use the time whilst your guests are being seated for dinner or enjoying a coffee after dinner for some quick and fun couple portraits. Every wedding is unique, so I adapt to what's required and what time is available, however, rest assured my aim is to deliver a stunning set of images that will surprise you and excite you. Please do contact me for availability, more information and to arrange a video call to meet face-to-face quickly.


This is me, ready for action and super chilled!

I live in Hove with my family, a stone's throw from the sea and can often be found taking to waves on my kayak, smashing on a badminton court or challenging myself to long distances over and around the South Downs. I'm a big nature lover and through the years my wedding photography has been inspired by the scenery and amazing light on the South Downs and across the sea.

Belle Tout lighthouse shot across the South Downs towards the sea at sunset

Apart from my highly active side I love cooking for my family and friends. Whether it's lemon drizzles, veggie tarts, baked German cheesecakes, Cornish pasties or roasts, it's another creative side of mine and TBH if I wasn't a wedding photographer I'd happily be a chef.

OK, so let's get back to what you came here for, which I'm confident isn't to find a chef! I shoot weddings and I shoot them in a natural documentary style. I'm always looking to capture character, emotion and laughter and I fit my photography into your plans and not your plans into my photography. I'm creative and want you to experience real moments together against the best backdrops and in the best light.


Please do check out the hand written cards from couples on my testimonial page or Google Paul Fletcher Photography to see my Google reviews. It's important you know I'm a friendly and skilful photographer to help with your decision.


So, if you're a couple who wants to have fun whilst I shoot in a relaxed and creative way, then please do get in touch!





+44 7803935555