Camera Shy Couples

If there’s one thing that crops up time and time again with couples it’s the fear of being in front of the camera for portraits. It’s way outside some people’s comfort zone and I completely understand how that feels, especially when it’s taking place on their wedding day and they’re already fearful of being the centre of attention! It seems so alien to them and therefore difficult to comprehend just how the experience could be an enjoyable one! 

But it can be enjoyable and it ALWAYS is with the right approach. At least 50% of my couples dread being in front of the camera, but 100% of them walk away happy. This is simply because I choose the spots for the best backgrounds, I choose the time for the best light and I choose to keep them energised, so I don’t keep them stationary for long and my moments are real moments between them. It can be as simple as walking and talking and on the wedding day when emotions are running high it all seems so natural to spend some moments together away from the guests with me looking on. You enjoy time with each other, I keep you moving and together we harness the energy and record those special moments.

You can see it in this image, Sam the shy groom with Emily who loved looking into my camera, but with a little direction and a little humour they were both relaxed enough to give me lots of portrait gold for them to treasure. That was so much fun and at the end of the wedding they said how much they’d enjoyed it!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer and you’d like to know more about how I work, or see how we’d get on, please feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a Skype. You’ll instantly see that I’m an approachable and friendly photographer who enjoys making friends and getting to know people. Thanks for reading and I hope it proves helpful!

The information above was originally posted to Instagram and Facebook and the responses from previous bride’s were touching, not only because they agreed with what I’d said, but because they wanted to share their positive experiences. Here are several quotes from previous bride’s about theirs and their groom’s experience with me on their wedding days.

Ah Paul you are the best. I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said.  Lee and I were so nervous and overwhelmed, but you made us feel amazing and got shots we didn’t imagine could’ve been possible 💕🍂 You’re a dream!
As for our guests 😂 they loved you as much as we did! It’s not often the guests talk about the photographer after the day! And still do a year later. I’d recommend you to EVERYONE and anyone. You’re magic ✨

Anna and Lee – Grittenham Barn wedding 2018

“So true! I was one of them! I remember telling you I get so self conscious. You made me feel so comfortable on the day. 😊”

Christine and Jason – Brighton wedding in 2011.

“Thanks for posting Paul. We were both super nervous of the camera but had a fantastic time on the day and love our photos. I think the challenge can be that the photographs of other couples look so great and relaxed that you assume that you’re the only really nervous one, so good to know that it’s actually very common ☺️ All the best x”

Kate and Dan – Farbridge wedding 2019

“Paul, you made me and Jords feel so at ease. We loved our little wander round the lovely Lainston grounds getting those natural moments between us! I love looking through our photos! You’re amazing ❤️”

Emma and Jordan – Lainston House wedding 2019

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