A delightful Christmas wedding at Horsted Place

Only four days before Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing Emma and Will’s delightful wedding at Horsted Place, which took place predominantly inside this lovely property, with no more than half and hour’s light to enjoy the gardens. We certainly did enjoy the gardens and the stunning sunset we were blessed with was breathtaking. The trick for this and all winter weddings is to plan in advance and work very quickly, so as to maximise the opportunities in the fading light.  Having a brave and adventurous bride is a must too and Emma certainly was! Barring a few group shots, the remainder of the wedding was shot naturally with minimal intervention and a delicate balance of candlelight, available light and flash. I’m so pleased I was chosen to cover your lovely day and I hope I’ve given you and your families a set of wedding images to cherish. Congratulations, thank you for your warmth and generosity and enjoy my take on your fabulous wedding day!



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