COVID-19 and Weddings

Well where do I start with this subject, a situation that was completely unexpected, incredibly damaging and very unpredictable. Back in November 2019 I was really excited about my remaining three weddings of the year and looking forward to a busy 2020. I shot those final three weddings with my usual dose of energy and creativity and that set the tone for the new year ahead. January began, plans were made and the Coronavirus talk brewing in the news seemed somewhat distant and unthreatening. As the year rolled on all that changed and in March 2020 things became serious and we realised just what a rollercoaster ride was in store for us all. It was clear that weddings from mid-late March would suffer postponements, so like many of my industry friends and colleagues I pre-empted this by contacting my March to July couples directly and offering no fuss postponements. Over the four months of lockdown that followed many of those and many more were able to postpone to dates I was available for, but sadly at least seven weren’t able to and we therefore parted company on good terms.

From July 2020 onwards things started to turn a corner with restrictions being eased, making way for several small weddings to look forward to, including one couple I’d lost for 2021 who wanted to involve me in their ‘additional’ intimate Streatham wedding. That was absolutely amazing and five weddings later I’ve had the most wonderful time, despite shooting around 25 fewer weddings this season and feeling that sadness deeply.

That was then and this is now and once again we’ve been hit with further restrictions and today I’m already receiving postponement requests for spring 2021 weddings. This is devastating news for couples and for wedding businesses including mine, especially when I know a few of my couples are considering cancelling their spring weddings if they have to postpone yet again. So what to do, sit down and feel deflated and defeated, or pick myself up, dust myself off and set about making sure the future is bright!? Well after many years as a wedding photographer I’ve certainly become an optimist where my weddings are concerned and I have every faith that my business will survive this pandemic and that my skills as a wedding photographer will continue to benefit many couples in the foreseeable future. Shooting weddings and engagement shoots is what I do best and what I love, so I will continue to work hard to secure new weddings and to give my absolute all to every one of my couples. Stay strong and I wish happiness and good health to all couples, fellow suppliers and venues! Let’s all stick together and remain positive for a bright future. This is a good moment to share my page of ‘wedding friends’ with you, namely those suppliers whom I know really well and am always happy to recommend!

To all my couples who have been forced to postpone their weddings, I want you to know that I share your pain and frustration, I desperately want to see this journey with you through to the end and I have complete faith that the many wonderful wedding moments yet to come will be epic, absolutely joyous and well worth the wait! Warmest wishes to you all x

Finally I wanted to share some of my favourite images from the five weddings I’ve shot since July 2020, along with three engagement shoots I shot during that time too. They were all such delightful and special experiences that got my creative juices flowing, leaving me itching for more! Thank you for reading and please enjoy these beautiful moments below, for the love and for the light, and to help find the strength to get you through the tough times ahead! x

Any couple looking for a photographer for their wedding or engagement shoot, who would love some epic portraits and beautiful moments to treasure, please get in touch here. I’d love to talk with you and discuss how we can work together to achieve everything you hope for and if I’m unavailable I will recommend highly talented photographers who are available!

Bride and groom hold hands on the Ditchling Beacon at sunset
Pre-wedding shoot on the South Downs, close to the Devil's Dyke in Sussex.
Intimate Streatham church lockdown wedding in July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
Silhouette on Hove beach at low tide and sunset during a pre-wedding shoot
Intimate Streatham common lockdown wedding reception in the July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
Couple walking on Hove beach during their pre-wedding shoot
Lockdown wedding masks at a July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic Streatham common wedding reception
Pre-wedding shoot during the COVID-19 pandemic, on the South Downs close to the Devil's Dyke in Sussex.
Vicar sermon during an Intimate lockdown wedding ceremony at Walberton Church
Bride's speech and bridesmaid reactions during an Intimate lockdown wedding ceremony at Walberton Church, Sussex
Pre-wedding shoot on Hove beach at the golden hour
Couple sitting against a tree laughing during their lockdown pre-wedding shoot in Sussex
Father of the bride at lockdown July 2020 COVID-19 pandemic Streatham common wedding reception
Couple sitting on a log laughing during their lockdown pre-wedding in Sussex
Bride moment with bridesmaids during an Intimate lockdown wedding ceremony at Walberton Church, Sussex
Silhouette of couple on Hove beach at low tide at sunset during a lockdown pre-wedding shoot
Bride and groom embrace outside a cottage in Walberton, Sussex
Couple walking through a wood at golden hour during their lockdown pre-wedding in Sussex
Bride laughing ahead of her Pangdean Barn wedding ceremony
Father of the bride first look
Bride and father of the bride and enters intimate Pangdean Barn wedding ceremony
Cyclists cycle past the bridal party walking to church.
Playful best man with his daughter at a wedding
Bride and groom first kiss at their Ditchling Church wedding
Bride and groom pictured in front of a colourful summer garden flower border at Pangdean Barn
Bridal party laughing with the vicar at his short lockdown haircut
Bride and mother of the bride arrive at Dorking Church for the lockdown wedding
Sunset on the Ditchling Beacon with silhouette of bride and groom
Bride and groom black and white image
Bride and groom moment on Ditchling Common in Sussex
Guest smiling hugging bride outside the church
Bride and groom first dance
Bride taking a moment to contemplate the wedding ceremony ahead
Sunset on Box Hill in Surrey



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