Documentary Wedding Photographer Paul Fletcher

Thank you so much for visiting my website to find out more about my work and what I offer. I’ve been documenting weddings for many years and my love of wedding photography is stronger now than it has ever been. It’s hard not to enjoy shooting weddings when you work with such wonderful couples and everyone looks so fabulous in their colourful and cool outfits. What’s not to love!

On every wedding day I work tirelessly to keep up with the action, capturing as many special moments as possible, ones that may otherwise go unnoticed. As the day takes its natural course I’m always looking out for epic backdrops, beautiful light and optimal moments to take time out with my couples, but always at the right times to keep my couples time away from their guests to a minimum. You can have epic shots without spending too much time away from everyone and I’ll always find time for some groups too. The feedback is 100% positive with this approach and everyone’s happy. I occasionally have couples whose photography is so important that they want to spend much more time shooting portraits, which is cool! On the flip side, occasionally I have couples who whose time with their guests is so important that they’ll only spare 10 minutes for couple portraits and this is cool too! I’m always happy to be flexible in my approach!

Here are a several shots from recent weddings that will demonstrate exactly what I’m hoping to achieve on the wedding day, all with minimal fuss, but all with maximum effort to get the best results. Please do feel free to contact me here if you’re getting married or perhaps you may know someone else who is and may be interested in my work. Thanks again for visiting me and enjoy this selection of pure documentary moments!

Bride and groom laughing in their car as they depart from St Mary's House in Bramber
Intense hug from between the groom and the father of the groom at Crawley registry office
A large umbrella at a Brighton Town Hall wedding
Couple close at their Grittenham Barn wedding
Double hug at a Crawley Registry Office wedding ceremony
Tender kiss on the groom's hand from grandma at an Upwaltham Barns wedding
Father of the Bride and bride moment before the Southwark Cathedral wedding ceremony
bride and father of the bride arrive at Southwark Cathedral
Bride and groom walking outside and away from Southwark Cathedral after their wedding ceremony



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