Eltham Palace Engagement Shoot

Back in July 2019 I had the opportunity for an engagement shoot with one of my lovely 2020 wedding couples, ahead of their wedding at Eltham Palace. I knew very little about the Palace, other than the fact that it’s an historic venue run by English Heritage, so what an amazing surprise it was when I drove through the gates that evening!

I met Niamh and Rupert for the very first time 10 minutes before we started shooting and I instantly knew that the camera would love them and it certainly did. They were a little nervous at first and it’s always good to sit down and calm the nerves, however with the venue being closed to the public and golden hour looming we needed to start shooting immediately whilst being escorted around the building and gardens by the lovely Annabelle from the events team. With such amazing light and so many lovely backdrops to choose from the shoot flowed really well and we had so much fun exploring the building and grounds. I have to say a big thank you to Annabelle for her assistance and patience whilst we shot through golden hour until sunset, after all, not only was she an invaluable asset, but she gave up her evening to give us this fabulous opportunity! Thank you!

You’ll see a selection of my favourite images from the shoot below and I’m sure you’ll agree that Eltham Palace is a fantastic backdrop for a wedding and engagement shoot too. I can’t wait to return in August for their London wedding, although their wedding is now on hold after the Covid-19 pandemic forced a postponement. Let’s hope they are able to find a suitable date sometime in 2021/22. Sadly Eltham Palace is no longer available for Niamh and Rupert’s wedding, so the are currently looking for another wedding venue in London.

Dear Paul, Wow – what an amazing collection of shots. We sat down with a glass of wine last night to watch them properly together and we are so impressed! We couldn’t be in better hands for the big day :) I remembered how we found you. When we were looking for a London wedding venue we found your photos from a Christmas wedding in London, which I thought were fabulous. I knew we had to snap you up as our top priority supplier!

Niamh and Rupert, 3rd July 2019



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