emily and sam’s wedding in weybridge and burhill golf club

I do love a Surrey wedding and what a cracking wedding day I had with Emily and Sam at the church in Weybridge and at Burhill Golf Club.

I always love starting the day at bride’s preps, the detail, the bridesmaids, the excitement and the tears, but this time it was all about the excitement! An early departure from Hove saw me arrive for an early 9.30am start at the Woodlands Park Hotel. Emily looked stunning and room was buzzing with activity and laughter, so no need to gently work my way into the group here, I was instantly part of it. The more excited the bridal party is the more they tend to play up to the camera, so it’s always a balancing act to shoot in a way that suits them and that suits me and my more candid style. You can keep everyone happy and maintain that level of excitement and enthusiasm! After lots of opportunity and activity it was finally time to bid farewell and leave for the church, St James’s Church in Weybridge.

I’ve shot at St James’s Church in Weybridge before, so that’s always a bonus, knowing the best spots and where the light falls. Now the ceremony was a little tricky because I’d been given the OK to have free reign throughout the church by the bride only to be told that I had to stay put at the back until the exchange of rings. That changed everything, but a little negotiating gave me a few extra opportunities from the side aisle earlier on and meant that I had better coverage throughout. A lovely ceremony followed and Emily and Sam looked wonderful together in that beautiful church interior. The emotion was too much to bear for Sam after the walk down the aisle and he struggled to hold back the tears, gold for us as wedding photographers! Outside for some impromptu confetti, lots of hugs and kisses and before we knew it we were on our way to the golf course.

Burhill Golf Club is absolutely stunning and a fabulous backdrop for a wedding reception. Lots of chilling with guests at the reception and then a handful of groups and uber quick couple shoot before dinner. The weather was incredible all day and the timings worked absolutely perfectly for a post speeches golden hour shoot on the buggies. We went towards the sun initially for the lovely golden hour backlighting and then headed of to the middle of the course to an area that seemed more like the African savana than a Surrey golf course. So beautiful! We worked quickly and before we knew it we were back in the pavilion ready for their first dance, complete with lively guests and confetti canon.

This wedding day was absolutely wonderful and our shy groom Sam and his beautiful bride Emily looked so comfortable in front of the camera, which is amazing when you consider they were pretty terrified at the prospect! Thank you so much for choosing me to document your day guys, you were superstars and the camera definitely loves you, and I do too! Here’s my take on your day. P x



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