a gorgeous wedding documented for sheena and mark at st marys church, warnham and bartholomew barn

I didn’t meet Sheena and Mark in person until their wedding day, instead we opted for a FaceTime chat leading up to the wedding, however that didn’t impact on the connection I felt with them or their connection with me. Sheena’s Mancunian warmth was a huge factor, as was Mark’s friendly and chilled character, however a significant factor was the documentary approach to their wedding day and my chilled strategy. When I document a wedding, I take time to observe the day, the people and their interactions with one another, and when I combine this with measured, friendly interaction, I gain trust and acceptance that allows me to record the day as though I were a friend or family member. When I look at these images I feel blessed to have been a part of something so personal and so special, and I hope that when Sheena and Mark see their day through my eyes they’ll experience a new perspective on their wonderful wedding day. I’m so pleased you chose me and enjoy this section of images :) P x

Wedding ceremony St Margarets Church, Warnham

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