Hollie and Matt’s Joyful Upwaltham Barns Wedding

The first time I met Hollie and Matt I was completely spellbound by their energy and sense of fun and I just wanted to start shooting their wedding immediately! That clearly wasn’t possible with over a year to go, but the long wait was well worth it because when that summer’s day in May 2019 finally arrived I was treated to the happiest and most lively day I could ever have hoped for. Not only were Hollie and Matt full of energy and fun, but so were their families and friends. What an absolute joy! Upwaltham Barns was the perfect venue for their wedding not least because the space is perfect for entertaining everyone in one place and maintaining the excitement of the day.

I shoot around 35 weddings every year and I can’t begin to explain just how much I love shooting them all, but if I had to pinpoint the one thing that’s common in all of them it would be the couple’s energy and sense of fun. A wedding day is a celebration of family and friends and managed thoughtfully it will be the very best day any couple could imagine with their nearest and dearest. I feel so privileged to be able to share in this joy with all my couples, couples like Hollie and Matt who give their energy and joy away so freely to bring others joy. It’s intoxicating and keeps me feeling young and energised!

Thank you so much Hollie and Matt, here’s my take on your awesome and exciting wedding day at Upwaltham Barns! X

Bride and groom in the Upwaltham Barns meadow on the South Downs at sunset
Confetti Shower Upwaltham Barns

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