Peace and tranquility for Emily and Matt’s impromptu Hampshire pre-wedding shoot

There’s nowhere I’d rather be on a sunny summer’s day, than in the heart of the English countryside, traipsing through meadows and listening to the wonderful sounds of summer. Well then, you can imagine how excited I was a year ago, when Emily and Matt chose me be their wedding photographer and document their Hampshire wedding, right in the heart of the English countryside. Fast forward to last Friday evening and the pre-wedding meeting we’d arranged. I was there to visit the venues, meet the bride and groom for the first time and work out a plan of action for the wedding day. I brought my camera to record a few scenes along the way and was so taken aback by the beauty of the family home/reception venue that I suggested an impromptu pre-wedding shoot. Fifteen minutes later, with the sun on our faces and the swallows soaring overhead, we were strolling around the gardens, chilling amongst the daisies and enjoying every moment. We were not alone either. Apart from the lovely mother of the bride, there were; two dogs, a cat, two horses, numerous birds and the animal highlight of the shoot, a barn owl that seemed to float across the landscape, just long enough to take three shots (you can just make it out in the final three images). Wow, what a wonderful experience, fabulous location and a lovely family. I am really excited about the wedding day and I can’t wait to work with again soon. Enjoy!



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