Joanna and Chris’ Autumn wedding at Great Fosters

My second wedding at the mighty and beautiful Great Fosters was an absolute gem, complete with incredible weather throughout the day, a thoroughly chilled vibe and a golden hour to savour! My brief was simple, just a couple of group shots, unless others happened naturally, pure documentary photography throughout and at the most 10 minutes for a couple portrait session. Well everything went exactly as planned, except I managed to benefit from an extra 5 minutes of portraits because it took us a little longer to get through the gardens and back again!

I met Joanna and Chris at a Grittenham Barn wedding the year before, where Chris was best man for his best friend Ollie, and now Ollie was returning the favour for Chris! Ollie and Becca’s wedding was a beautiful summer wedding in the Sussex countryside, but with an unusually torrid mix of wind and rain to keep us under cover. I never panic in those situations because there are always opportunities regardless of the weather, but in this case we held back the couple session until the dry early evening forecast materialised. It certainly did materialise and the results were absolutely beautiful as a result. I’m always so pleased to hear from couples who’ve had first hand experience of my photography, especially when the weather has been so unsettled, mainly because they know I’ve got their back in any given situation. Joanna and Chris’ wedding day weather was the complete opposite and when you consider their wedding was in October, that’s pretty amazing and surprising too.

Great Fosters is stunning inside and out and there are so many opportunities for couples who want to make the most of this fabulous venue for their portraits. In this case that wasn’t important at all and the minimal time we spent away from the guests was put to very good use to show off this stunning backdrop. So without further ado, here’s my take on Joanna and Chris’ gorgeous wedding day! Enjoy!

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