Justin and Priscilla’s intimate wedding blessing at Wadhurst Castle

Every wedding is special and great fun, however it’s always extra special when I’m asked to photograph an intimate wedding with just a handful of people. In July 2019 I photographed one such wedding at one of my favourite venues, the magical Wadhurst Castle. Justin and Priscilla contacted me a month before the wedding after Susan from Wadhurst Castle recommended me, having seen a previous wedding of mine with only two in attendance at the castle. For this wedding blessing there may have only been three people in attendance, but there was still lots to discuss in order to plan an enjoyable four hour coverage. 

Justin and Priscilla had come over from Los Angeles for their wedding blessing at a beautiful UK location and Wadhurst Castle stole their hearts. At first they were planning on making the experience a very brief one, moreover a picturesque photographic opportunity, but after careful consideration they realised that taking time to enjoy their surroundings was well worth the investment and in turn would offer a better opportunity for lovely portraits and natural moments. This proved to be a revelation to them and their experience was so much richer and more enjoyable as a result. As It turned out, it became an exciting adventure for me too, firstly because I spent three hours with three lovely people helping them realise this awesome opportunity, but secondly because I was invited to sit down and dine with them and enjoy their incredible hospitality! I was blown away by this invitation and it made this special day one on my favourite since I started my business. A huge thank you Justin and Priscilla for trusting in me and for inviting me to enjoy such an intimate and delicious meal with you. I feel blessed that you gave me such a wonderful opportunity, one that I will treasure.

Thank you hugely for the following lovely words and afterwards enjoy my take on your fabulous day! 

‘It honestly doesn’t matter how beautiful the venue is if you don’t have the right photographer to capture the memories and we definitely had the right photographer!’

Justin and Priscilla, 26th July 2019 

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