Kai Choi Wedding Violinist

I met Kai Choi at a summer wedding at Castle Goring in the summer of 2019 and was instantly impressed with his wonderful talent, but also his incredible patience! The wedding was a tad behind schedule and Kai was very patient in allowing me to take the couple for a planned 25 minute golden hour shoot whilst he waited patiently to play for the first dance. I was very grateful for this and vowed I would indeed create a page on my website to sing his praises. You can see Kai in action at that wedding in the photos below and see him in action at the Castle Goring wedding reception. Thanks Kai, it would be great to work with you again sometime soon! You can contact Kai Choi on 07973 128241 or email him at

Kai plays as Alexa and Charlie’s arrive at Castle Goring

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