katherine and nick and their long furlong barn wedding

I’d passed Long Furlong Barn many times on the way to weddings over several years, but never had the opportunity to shoot there, that was until Katherine and Nick got in touch whilst looking for a photographer who’d document their day as naturally as possible. I jumped at the chance to work with them and it was clear from our Skype chat that we’d hit it off straight away and that my style was exactly what they were looking for!

Fast forward to their autumn wedding and the perfect day for that time of year, set in beautiful surroundings and totally chilled. You can see their stunning autumnal floral displays and Katherine and Nick with their colourful guests all relaxing and having so much fun. I love chilled weddings, ones where the emphasis is on natural interactions with a few short couple shoots in the mix to complete the collection. One thing that was very different from any other wedding I’ve ever shot was their insistence that I interrupt their meal, if the sun came out long enough for a golden hour shoot. Knowing how fantastic their wedding breakfast would be with Circa Events providing the catering, if felt like a travesty to interrupt it at all, however the clients are king and Circa knew this was their wish, so interrupt it I did! The sun was only out for 10 minutes, so we travelled around in a whirlwind of activity to get our shots before it disappeared behind the cloud and before the food got cold. Everything worked perfectly and everyone was happy and what’s more is I’ve since been recommended by Circa and Long Furlong Barns and added to their recommended supplier’s list, so happy days! Thank you Marc and the team at Circa Events.

Here’s my take on their day and it really was so beautiful and colourful. Thanks guys x



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