monsoon and blue skies for kathryn and dylan’s bartholomew barn wedding

I returned to Bartholomew Barn last weekend for Kathryn and Dylan’s delightful wedding, starting the day with a phenomenal bride’s preps location, just what’s needed to kick start a fabulous day! Everything was rosy, with beautiful blue skies over the barn and a bride waiting patiently in the Rolls for the guests to take their seats, when all of a sudden a torrential downpour took us completely by surprise. This set a president for the day with numerous torrential downpours, each one heavier than the last and each one followed by deep blue skies. The jet stream has once again shifted and our summer weather is pretty unpredictable, however, undeterred by this we enjoyed the atmospheric rain, took our opportunities when they presented themselves and achieved a set of images to be truly proud of. This was a day to savour with twists and turns that made it even more exciting and fun. Enjoy my take on your special day! A quick mention for Angel at Angel Like Flowers for her fabulous flowers, totally gorgeous and to Sarah Chapple for her fabulous hair and make-up by powder and pin.

Kathryn and Dylan's wedding at Bartholomew Barn

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