The Benefits of Booking a Midweek Wedding

Arranging a midweek wedding has lots of benefits that outweigh the drawbacks. Here are several great reasons for booking a midweek wedding:

  • Lower demand, more availability – With fewer weddings booked midweek you’re more likely to book your favourite wedding suppliers, especially after the COVID-19 upheaval. Personally 90 percent of my weddings take place from Friday to Sunday, with only 10% falling on a weekday Monday to Thursday. This has changed somewhat in 2021 with postponements from the COVID-19 epidemic, however there’s still plenty of availability mid week 2021.
  • Shorter coverages – Personally I’m always happy to offer shorter coverages midweek, so long as they’re fairly local, even if they’re booked far in advance. I’ve had several short 2 hour midweek wedding coverages recently and you’d be surprised what can be achieved in such a short time. Check out the links below to several midweek wedding coverages, short and longer.
  • Last Minute Bookings – With lower demand for midweek weddings you’ll have more chance of booking a venue and suppliers closer to the wedding date, whether you’re holding off on booking or maybe arranging a last minute wedding.
  • Save Money For Yourselves – There are big savings to be made with your wedding venue, accommodation costs and from suppliers who can offer shorter coverages midweek or maybe a discount for the lower demand. With weekend weddings being so popular I will only book advance coverages of 6 hours or more, but as mentioned above, midweek coverages can be shorter with a substantial saving.
  • Save Money For Your Guests – Not only are there big savings to be made for the couple, but there are also big savings to be made for your guests with their accommodation costs.
  • Have a few days off work – Whilst this can be seen as a benefit and a drawback for the couple, family and friends, it’s great if everyone can take some time out of their work holiday allowance to relax for a few days and maybe even extend their weekend. I see guests are even more relaxed at midweek weddings, possibly as a result of enjoying an occasion that has the feel of a mini holiday.
  • Give your supplier the weekend off – This is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, however most suppliers have almost no Saturdays available during the main wedding season, so the rare Saturday off feels like a holiday. I’m cool either way, but given the opportunity I always make the most of free weekends with family walks and activities.

I love shooting weddings anytime of the week, but there is something exciting about picking up your cameras midweek and heading off to a chilled wedding where everyone is in the party mood for a long weekend or midweek break! Here are a few examples of midweek weddings, starting with a couple of very short coverages and finishing with a 9 hour and 12 hour coverage. Please do get in touch to check on availability and discuss your requirements and thanks for reading!

Ben and Josephine’s Alexander House Wedding – A 2 hour midweek documentary wedding photography coverage with a short couple shoot to complement the day.

Bride and groom embrace in the gardens at Alexander House Hotel and Spa

Julia and Jonathan’s St Mary’s House Bramber Wedding – A 2.5 hour midweek documentary wedding photography coverage including a short couple shoot to complement the day.

Bride and groom hug amongst the beautiful autumnal tress at St Mary's House Bramber

Lauren and Tom’s Farbridge Barn Wedding – A 9 hour midweek Thursday coverage in September 2019 that was absolutely wonderful and almost completely documentary, but for a super short couple shoot. Check out Lauren and Tom’s beautiful Farbridge wedding.

Amy and James’ Hurst College Chapel and Pangdean Barn Wedding – As a teacher it was important for Amy to marry James during the school summer holidays and a midweek Thursday wedding gave them so many more options for securing the chapel and their favourite reception venue, Pangdean Barn. What a fabulous day we had and feel free to browse their Sussex wedding.



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