Katy and Mills’ Bijou wedding at Cain Manor

Mills and Katy’s wedding day at Cain Manor was absolutely wonderful and it was my third wedding at Cain Manor to be adorned by a glorious sunset. You’d never have believed it possible with the wet and blustery weather earlier in the day, but we know that you never know what’s around the corner! I was really excited to see Katy in her dress, having seen a shot of it before the wedding, and I was hoping for a golden hour for some golden backlighting for the dress. The bonus of bride and groom’s preparations taking place at Cain Manor is invaluable for a photographer, since it means that we can shoot both without the need for a second photographer. Then you have the building itself, which is an absolutely gem, surrounded by it’s pretty gardens. There are plenty of opportunities for lovely portraits in beautiful and interesting light and perhaps next time I’ll be able to explore the forest area around the long winding driveway, one that catches my eye and imagination every time I drive through it. Mills and Katy were fab to work with and here’s my take on their gorgeous day!

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