My Style and Approach

Finding the right photographer for your wedding can seem like a daunting task, so to make it a little easier for you here’s a little information about my style of photography and my approach during the wedding day. I look to capture the emotion, excitement, energy and vibrancy, both naturally and creatively, and I do it all in a fun and chilled way to fit into your fun and chilled day!

You probably already know what style of photography you love because you’ll have made an instant connection with the look and feel of images that touch your soul. There are many factors that help make that instant connection with the images you see. Great wedding images should excite you and give you a powerful sense of emotion that you can relate to as if you were there too. Below you’ll see a variety of images from many weddings that will give you a sense of what I’m always searching for throughout the day and evening, that will ensure my couples receive a truly special set of images that reflect everyone that’s special to them in their lives. My aim is to show everyone’s true character and set the scene with atmospheric and energetic images that show just how much fun you had on your day. When your wedding day is behind you I aim to deliver images that will leave you speechless and immensely happy, giving you a lifelong priceless reminder of so many wonderful moments throughout your day. Sit back, enjoy these images and imagine how your wonderful wedding day will be!

Bride’s preparations

Bride’s preparations is a time to set the scene early in the day, capturing special moments between the people you’re closest too and all those lovely details you’ve worked so hard to bring together to define your day. Your nearest and dearest feature in the candid moments and it’s my time to be creative with the camera to bag a few early creative shots to start the day.

Groom’s preparations

Let’s not forget the guys, after all they are just as important as the girls, despite being less keen to appear on camera first thing in the morning! If I can visit the guys and the girls I’m always happy to do so and often all that’s required is an extra hour of coverage to allow me to visit them an hour before the girls. Here are a few shots from groom’s preps that show just how incredibly organised the chaps can be on the day.

Ceremony and arrivals

Next I’m straight off to the ceremony to nab a parking space ahead of the bride, to set the scene with guest arrivals ahead of an emotional ceremony.

groom hever castle
upwaltham barn wedding ceremony
Bride, groom and bridesmaids in hever castle gardens
Bride and groom walking outside Southwark Cathedral

Drinks reception

The next stage of the wedding is simple, relax and enjoy your guests during your drinks reception. I always look to record the action naturally for the first 45 – 60 minutes, whilst you spend quality time with your guests and enjoy your drinks and canapés! This is an important part of my strategy to give couples the very best experience possible and it works like a treat every time!

Bride and groom arrive at drinks reception Castle Goring
Bride and groom arrive at Michelham Priory in their classic Wolseley car
wedding party on a routemaster bus
little owl bird of prey at a wedding

A handful of groups

After your well deserved chill time, it’s a good time for a handful of groups, nothing too formal, but with plenty of character and humour!

Bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen in the meadow at Grittenham Barn

A short pre-dinner couple shoot

After the groups, closer to dinner, it’s a great time for a short couple shoot, capturing some lovely moments between the you two, in the best spots around the venue. All it takes is 15-20 minutes and some of it will take place whilst your guests are being seated, so they won’t even know you’re gone!

bride and groom in amongst the roses at Pangdean Barn

Dinner is served

The guests are excited and probably a little ravenous, so it’s time for dinner and speeches!

A golden hour or sunset couple shoot

Dinner and speeches are over and now it’s truly a great time to relax and let your hair down. We can start with some beautiful and atmospheric portraits, at everyone’s favourite time, golden hour and sunset! This is the perfect opportunity to spend some time together and enjoy your surroundings in the very best light!

Bride and groom walking up a track at Pangdean Barn
bride and groom sunset grittenham barn
bride and groom golden hour buxted park
wedding couple sunset river thames Richmond
wedding couple sunset river thames Richmond
best man and fiancée amberley castle wedding

Evening celebrations

Let’s cut that cake and let the party commence! This is a great opportunity for me to get in amongst your guests whilst they let loose and party the night away.

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this journey and please do get in touch to talk about your plans and how I can fit into your wedding day!



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