Nikki and Dave’s gorgeous Grittenham Barn wedding

Today I’d love to share Nikki and Dave’s wonderful Grittenham Barn wedding, such a beautiful day and so many fabulous memories! I’m always super excited about returning to Grittenham Barn for a wedding and this one was no exception! Grittenham really does attract the most chilled and lovely couples, you might say my ideal couples! Nikki and Dave wanted to chill out with their guests as much as possible, without missing out on the best photo opportunities throughout the day. As my couples always do, they trusted me to manage the photography in a way that gave them the best experience possible with their guests, with a handful of groups shot and some gorgeous shots of them around the venue at the most suitable times.

We definitely had the finest weather for the day, every element perfectly presented to get the best out of the barn. With a lovely golden hour and sunset there for us, we managed to nip out for 15 minutes before the first dance and take full advantage of it. It was beautiful and complemented the perfect day. So without further ado, here’s my take on Nikki and Dave’s totally chilled out wedding day. Enjoy and please do get in touch below if you’re getting married their or anywhere!



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