South Lodge wedding with the delightful Michelle and James

Happiness personified! When I first met Michelle I was spellbound by her energy and excitable nature and I instantly knew she was a bride I wanted to photograph. At the same time James was absolutely charming and incredibly friendly and calm, more qualities I love in my couples. They were quite simply a match made in heaven and the day they had planned at South Lodge and the style of photography they wanted was absolutely perfect for me. My brief was simple, document the day as naturally as possible so that they can spend lots of quality time with their guests, shoot a small number of groups and take a some time out at the right times for some beautiful portraits around the grounds. Well, it just so happened that their wedding day coincided perfectly with South Lodge’s Camellia’s flowering. It was jaw droppingly beautiful and hopped on a buddy and off again to spent just 10 minutes wondering through what seemed like a tropical paradise trail. In the evening we jumped back on the buggy for another trip down to the lake for a 10 minutes shoot before sunset, the icing on the cake for a beautiful set of wedding images. Dancing followed the final shoot and this ended a day that I absolutely adored and one that will stay with me forever, very special and joyous! So, without further ado, here’s my take on the lovely Michelle and James’ wedding day at South Lodge. Thanks guys, your were awesome X

father of the bride throws confetti over bride and groom



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