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sustainability policy

Paul Fletcher Photography Sustainability Policy

Since 2009, Paul Fletcher Photography has established a pragmatic sustainability policy, reflecting the beliefs and personal practices of the founder, Paul Fletcher.

• We recycle paper, cardboard, glass and plastics as standard, and this includes returning our printer ink cartidges for re-fills/recycling.
• Our offices and studios use energy saving light bulbs where possible.

• Lighting and equipment is switched off when not in use.

• Client deliverables take the form of digital assets where possible, negating the need for physical packaging and associated delivery.

• We ask all suppliers to provide documentation, bills etc in digital form rather than paper.

• We carefully monitor and minimise the amount of paper we produce.

• When sourcing suppliers we ask about and ask them to consider their own sustainability policies.

• When travelling locally we endeavour to use walking, cycling and public transport in preference to a car.

• We capture all images digitally and make full use of our website, blog, PCs and tablet PC to display those images for advertising and sales purposes.

• We only carry a small number of sample albums and prints in order to minimise waste.

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