Victoria and Tom’s Hendall Manor Barns Wedding

I was recommended to the lovely Victoria and Tom by their good friends Amy and Jon, who’d also married at Hendall Manor Barns the year before! It had been snowing on their March wedding day, whereas in contrast it was blisteringly hot for Victoria and Tom’s late September wedding. September is a fabulous month for a wedding, with consistent beautiful warm weather and theirs was no exception.

The day began with a chilled bride’s preps in the gorgeous cottage overlooking the house at Hendall Manor Barns, with Victoria, her hair and makeup artist and two of her lively bridesmaids reminiscing about old times. The two liveliest bridesmaids were yet to arrive and when they finally did, boy did they love the camera! They were so much fun! Popping back into the barn there was Tom was waiting nervously with his groomsmen in the barn, excited about seeing Victoria walk down the aisle and excited about spending the day with their nearest and dearest.

They certainly had a fabulous backdrop for their day at Hendall, with the view over manor house being a particular favourite. We’d spent time together for a fun pre-wedding shoot a month or so before the wedding, complete with golden hour shoot, so we’d explored all the grounds and taken lots of lovely photos, as you can see on the post for their Hendall pre-wedding shoot. This meant it wasn’t too disappointing when the clouds appeared and removed any chance of another golden hour shoot on the wedding day. Their two and a half hour drinks reception gave them plenty of time for mingling and an opportunity for an energetic 30 minute portrait session before dinner, so they could chill with their guests all evening with me following the action naturally. The lively party to round off the day was the perfect opportunity to show the characters of this close knit group of family and friends and complete a wonderful set of documentary images. Thank you Victoria and Tom for this fabulous opportunity to work with you, to Amy and Jon for recommending me, for Emma and her fabulous catering team and of course Hendall owners Nicola and Peter for their unending enthusiasm and kindness on the day too. So without further ado here’s my take on this special day. Enjoy!

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