My Wedding Portfolio

Here are some of my favourite wedding images from the recent past, a mix of natural documentary moments and moments planned to make the best use of light, colour and location. If they excite you I’d love to hear from you to tell you how we can achieve results like these on your wedding day.

Whilst I follow the action at weddings I’m continually combining classic documentary images with beautiful and spontaneous portraits to complement your wedding day. I’m on the lookout for moments that are emotional, fun, quirky or just full of energy to show you and your guest’s character and energy. I take great pride in using all light to the great effect, whether that be hard or soft daylight, artificial venue lighting or off camera flash. This means that there’s never any bad light, even in the midday sun, you just need to know what works well in all light!

The beauty of the way I work is that the bride and groom have plenty of quality time with their guests and the majority of my photography will be unobtrusive so that you enjoy your day the way you intended!

Please check out more about the way I work to capture beautiful wedding moments naturally, to see how I include family, friends and children in pure documentary wedding moments and for those of you who are a little fearful being in front of the camera, shooting camera shy couples. You can also check out my Style and Approach for more insight too.



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